Ant-virus Monster — A Review of the Google Play Application

Antivirus Monster is one of the latest malwares and fake malware applications which was released for the Android Market. The developers have made some really impressive boasts about what the program can perform, but as with anything to the internet you will encounteer skeptics who have say that statements are just promoting hype. If you are wondering if this application may be valued at downloading or perhaps not then you’ve come to the proper place. In this assessment I will outline exactly what this system is and how it functions.

Antivirus List is a dodgy android secureness app that installs alone on your unit and pretends to look like a legit antivirus program. Once installed it can then show a series of irritating pop ups and advertising. It will then ask you for possibly $AD Us dollars (approximate) or M Us dollars (approximately) to buy an “upgrade”. It will then show you a directory of all the current websites that your antivirus software has afflicted. This would claim that since the system itself has afflicted your cellular phone it should be able to efficiently infect your other equipment as well.

The greatest feature with this application is that it shows false benefits on your display, which is the particular it appealing to many people. The problem with this is that a lot of of these “scams” are criminal and may only trigger your system to become afflicted. There are only a few cases where the antivirus system shown with your screen is genuine, but if in reality any be sure you contact their very own developer quickly. Here are a couple of the best parts from my personal experience with the app:

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